2013 Customer Enhancement Project

This fall we are gearing up for what looks to be another good size crop that will need to move to town! To help with the harvest flow we have decided to revamp our truck route and grading/scaling process by adding an Inbound Scale and Scale House away from the facility. By moving the grading process away from the elevator we will be able obtain the sample before the truck is weighed which will insure we send trucks to the appropriate pits immediately. The Inbound or second scale will add for a faster and more efficient way to stage trucks at the pits and eliminate the clutter of trucks trying to leave the facility. This project will also include a newer/faster probe which will be able to reach both hoppers without moving forward. The Scale house will be a two story building with the sampling room on the top level and the rest of the admin offices on the main level. Below are some images of the new site layout and current progress of the project.

 Scale Construction

Scale House Construction